BIG GAME Poppers 7"-7.75". 116-120g.

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Made of Basswood

Ahi, Ulua, Papio, Kawa, Aku, Mahimahi, Kaku, target the big boys!

Wide mouth for big splashes. Top water floater.

These lures do not come with hooks or split rings (So you can install your own)

Lures marked with (A) are 120g (4.3 oz) and are 7.75" Head to end of tail

Lures marked with (B) are 116g (4.1 oz) and are 7" Head to tail.


(A)NEMO: Bright orange and white stripes with holographic silver on sides and eyes. 

(A)CENTI-PINK: Black Lure with holographic pink sides and silver holographic eyes.

(B)LAKERS: Yellow body with purple head. Holographic gold stripes on side and silver eyes.

(A)SLYTHERIN: Black body with green and silver holographic sides and silver eyes. Bottom of lure is silver.

(A)BLUE/SILVER: Black top, silver bottom. Blue and silver holographic sides. Silver eyes.

(B)PINK DREAMS: Pink top, silver bottom. SIlver holographic eyes.

(B)BLUE: Blue top, silver bottom. Silver holographic eyes.

(A)SILVER/PURPLE: Black top, silver bottom.  Purple and silver holographic sides. Holographic eyes.